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    The American Postal Workers Union National Postal Press Association (PPA) is a constitutional affiliate of the American Postal Workers Union. The association was created in a resolution adopted by the delegates attending the 1964 national convention of the former United Federation of Postal Clerks. It is an association of union communicators comprised of all crafts in the APWU, the union’s auxiliary and retiree organizations. The PPA is dedicated to assisting editors, publicity directors and all APWU representatives engaged in the activity of communicating with the membership.

    What began in 1964 with only a handful of dedicated editors who recognized the importance of communication and the need for an organization to assist postal union editors, has grown into a nationwide network of union communicators, which has become a valuable asset to the American Postal Workers Union.

    In 1971, the UFPC Postal Press Association (as it was then named) merged with the National Postal Union Press Association to form the APWU National Postal Press Association. Today, with a publication membership of over 200 local, state, national, auxiliary, and retiree publications, the PPA is one of the largest and most respected labor media organizations in the United States.

    One of the reasons for the success of the PPA is that it has remained a nonpartisan educational organization, which means that the PPA as an organization does not get involved in the internal political process or the policymaking procedure of the APWU. Press associations before 1964 were unsuccessful because they forgot their original purpose of education and assistance for union communicators and instead got involved with internal union politics. As a result, at the 1964 National Convention, it was not an easy task to establish a new PPA. Many delegates were concerned that if a press association were established, it would once again turn into a political organization.

    Fortunately, the skeptics were proven wrong. The purpose and integrity of the PPA has never been compromised. PPA gatherings, such as conferences and workshops, are places where PPA members (with differing internal union political viewpoints) assemble, put union politics aside, and concentrate on learning ways to improve their communication efforts for the betterment of their members. This is not to say the PPA prohibits its members from voicing an opinion on political issues in their publications. Each publication is autonomous and free to express its views.

    The goal of establishing mutual cooperation, goodwill, and trust in a nonpartisan manner has helped the APWU National Postal Press Association succeed in building a stronger and better-informed membership. Members across the nation have been given the opportunity to know more about their union, its goals and the need for membership participation.

    Throughout its history, the Postal Press Association has continued to provide the tools and incentives for union affiliates to establish and maintain their own individual publications and communication programs and provide union communicators with ongoing assistance.

    Because of the dedicated efforts of the individuals who established the Postal Press Association and those who worked throughout the years building the PPA, APWU communicators have the necessary resources to cover an area of great importance to every union member - information and communication.


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    Mar 13, 2024

    Mar 13, 2024

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